Park Fires Release Debut Single ‘Home’

British electro-pop duo, Park Fires, have released their debut single, Home. Park Fires sees talented musicians and songwriters, Rachel Lissenburg and Emma Duffy team up after both previously playing and writing in bands that toured across the UK and received airplay on BBC radio. The duo have made an effort to break the girl-band stereotype, by having a real Do-It-Yourself attitude to their musical career by writing and playing all of their own music.

Park Fires’ debut single, Home, is an instant anthem, and despite being the first official release from the duo, it is filled with a tight production and passionate vocals. The pair shared that the track is influenced by 80s electronic new wave bands, The Human League and Depeche Mode, whilst the fierce female choruses are influenced by alternative rock 90s bands, Garbage and Republica. Drawing on from these two distinct genres, Park Fires have developed a sound that is completely unique, with Home featuring punchy pop vocals that express a love story gone wrong. Park Fires turn the heartbreak story into an uplifting anthem, with the synth-heavy production perfectly pulling elements of rock grooves, 80s electronica and even gothic disco.

You can also read our recent interview with Park Fires below.


Outlet: For those just discovering your music, can you tell us about forming Park Fires and how you got started making music together?

Park Fires: We have both been working together for years now in various other bands and projects. We both have a massive passion for Electronic, synth based music and so it was a really natural progression for us to go down this route and start Park Fires.

O: You debut single ‘Home’ comes out on 25th March. Can you tell us bait about the story/background behind the track? Also how did that track come together?

PF: Home was a track that came pretty easy to us. We had come up with the hook ‘Glitter for my breakfast’ a few months beforehand, and when it came to sitting at the keyboard the rest of the lyrics seemed to just flow. The track itself is all about a relationship gone sour but still being pulled back to that person.

O: What would you say influences your songwriting? Does the environment you’re in, play a part in your songwriting process?

PF: Our songwriting process changes all the time, sometimes we write separately and sometimes together. Each time we learn something new and it’s done a slightly different way. We are definitely influenced by the environment we are in and our own personal experiences.

O: Do you find it easier to bring your own personal experiences to the forefront and express them through your songwriting/music?

PF: Yes. Songwriting is a way to vent, it’s a great outlet.

O: Can you tell more about your DIY approach to making music?

PF: The idea of being ‘hands on’ means a lot to us. We make a conscious effort to be involved in all areas of both the music process and the business side. We write and play all of our own music and sit in the studio for days at a time getting the sound right.

It’s important to believe in the product you are selling and the only way we can be sure to do this is to do it ourselves.


O: How has your music progressed over the years up until now?

PF: In life we are always changing and growing and it’s the exact same in Music. Our influences/experiences change and this will always have a direct impact on the music that we write and produce.

O: What message do you want to convey through your music?

PF: ‘Real music & Real lyrics’. A song has to stand for something, otherwise it’s just noise.

O: It was said that about 75% of 2015’s summer music festival bands consisted mostly of males. What do you make of the constant lack of female representation within music festivals?

PF: It is a massive shame as we are both great believers in equality of the genders. Great music is great music no matter where it comes from and once everyone realises this there will be a lot more of it in the music industry. People are missing out purely based on gender, which is sad. However, we have secured some great slots at festivals this summer so let’s hope this is a stepping stone to changing this statistic!

O: If you were to create your own music festival consisting of only female performers, who would be your top 5 headliners?

-Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches
-Alejandra Deheza from School of Seven Bells.
-Tove Lo

O: Women face more criticism compared to men in regards to their fashion choices. When we embrace our sexuality, people are quick to resort to slut shamming, but yet men are allowed to freedom to do as they please with no backlash. Is this something you’ve experience in the past or/and continuing to experience?

PF: I think every girl to a certain extent experiences something along these lines. Everyone should have the right to express themselves in their own way and wear what they like.

O: What’s next for you guys? What’s your plan writing-wise for the rest of 2016?

PF: We release our single ‘Home’ on the 25th March, so at the moment we are focusing on that. We are constantly in the studio recording new material and will be releasing our EP in the summer.

O: Lastly, What are your top 4 goals for 2016?

Go on tour
Grow & develop our own record label
Learn more about the business and our potential
Spread the Park Fire sound.

Home is the perfect introduction to electro-pop duo, Park Fires, which is now available on iTunes

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