Parson James is back with a new track “Minute”

Back with his first release as an independent artist, Parson James has release a new fiery track “Minute”. This is the first single from the soulful singer in almost 2 years. He was fully involved in the process and creative of bringing this track to fruition.

When talking about the new song, Parson says, “I was inspired to write this song at a time in my life where my well was completely dry. Creatively, personally and spiritually. I spent a lot of the last few years allowing my empathetic nature to take the reins of every part of my life and this ultimately led to me constantly making time for others and not enough time for myself.” He continues, “’Minute’ is a song that serves as a reminder that it is okay to be selfish at times, it is important to care for yourself in order to be the best version for any and everything life throws at you. It’s easy to forget it but sometimes you just have to give yourself a chance to step back, breathe and do something that serves you and your well-being. I think that’s something we all feel and need to be reminded of here and there.”