Poetry in Lemaire

Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018 RTW

Sarah Linh Tran and Christophe Lemaire once described their design appeal as designing ‘for a woman who has found her style and lives it with grace. Her clothing is a way to simplify her life and highlight her personality.’ With such a focus on designing for women that express intellectual modesty and natural beauty, it’s as if the charming couple – in work and in life, create dreamy, minimalistic but practical wardrobes for the ideal Lemaire woman (and man, of course!) that can only be imagined out of the perfect novel.

Season in and out; Christophe remains true to his art and style of creating simplistic clothing and presenting it in beautiful spaces with help of his visual muse, Sarah. The collection was done in an unusual manner of models having their photos taken from an angle– in a more natural state as if to be a bystander and to see a Lemaire woman walk by, and do a double take. The inspiration this season was finding poetry in reality. Essentially an elegant and almost romantic summarisation of what Lemaire is defined as to be outstanding but still subtle – almost like dreamy workwear.

Lemaire S/S 2018 Best Looks

You could call it sophisticated, you could call it chic, modest, sexy even – for there were so many ways to describe the feeling of the looks that came down the vast runway space, but it has to be mutually, and universally agreed that Lemaire is enviable. From luminously satin dresses with slits on the side to utilitarian trousers and buttons up, it was all just another opportunity for the pair at Lemaire to show off their telepathic expertise at uniformity and creation.

There was a nod to the British New Romantic movement – with billowing blouses and tunics in a rich handful of colours and high-collars. Something that’s functional for everyday wear with a sense of assurance for style was what the pair were aiming for, and it’s so thoughtful of Tran and Lemaire, who are known for their brazen volumes and silhouettes and lack of attentiveness to trends. In saying that, their colour palette choices were typical Lemaire, very subtle and ‘Lemaire’ in colours of velvet-like blues, mauve, burgundy, camel and a handful of experimental print mixes – in the most outlandish way possible.

Lemaire S/S 2018 Best Looks

For any and all Lemaire fans, it’s well known that while the pair are extremely closed in privacy, they take inspiration from their everyday lives in th most natural and intimate way. While it does take a certain level of confidence to go out dressed in a reflective satin apron dress, Tran did reflect on the collection that everyone has “his or her own energy. They are all very individual, but with lots of personality.”

To top it off, no Lemaire collection is ever complete without the pair coming out to greet everyone for the finale, the muse, Sarah in the front, as the audience applauds on. Of course in the casual and cool manner that is the pair, it’s an ode and an air of luxurious beauty and modesty that’s very hard to come by. And who wouldn’t be totally smitten to see the pair hand-in-hand (in business or in love?) graciously smiling on at another successful collection.

Trust in Sarah and Christophe, trust in Lemaire. If you know your style, you can be just as cooler-than-cool as this collection.

Lemaire S/S 2018 Best Looks