Review: Catfish & The Bottlemen – “7”

If I was an alcoholic (and if it was possible), listening to Catfish & The Bottlemen would get me drunk. After being asked to write a review of “7” from their up-coming album “The Ride”, I have never been so consumed in an acoustic artist in all of my life.

I began listening to indie bands in late 2011 when I was introduced to Death Cab For Cutie from Twilight: New Moon (YES I AM A BOY AND HAVE WATCHED TWILIGHT). Since then I have not found many indie bands worthy of my ears until C&TB were brought into my life.


Catfish & The Bottlemen were formed in North Wales in 2007 by Ryan Evan McCann and Billy Bibby after having a guitar jam in Billy’s residential home. Billy left the band in 2014 after their first three singles were released the previous year. The band are now worldly known and popular within the indie scene after having their single “Kathleen” shoot to number one on MTV’s hottest tracks in 2014. Catfish has one a numerous amount of awards for their music which they obviously deserve because of their talent and hard-work in the music industry.

With their new album “The Ride” which is to be released on May 7 in the UK, I was given the opportunity to review a track from the album called “7”. I first heard the single on YouTube via SkypeLiveStudio (101.9 KINK) and instantly fell in love with the song. It has such a simple but beautiful rhythm and tempo and the lyrics are beyond suitable for the composition. The song already sounds amazing live and any fan of Catfish & The Bottlemen will be excited for an official music video to be released.

Whilst writing this review, I have had the song on loop since I started writing (approximately 30 minutes by this point) and I am still not getting bored. “7” is a song that will be very impossible to erase from my mind and I have found a new tune to sing in the shower. All in all, anyone reading this review MUST go and listen to this song RIGHT NOW.

Once again, this is Josh signing off.

You can pre-order “The Ride” on iTunes or by visiting