Review: Hayley Kiyoko ‘Expectations’

There are rare moments that forever change the landscape of pop music. This feels like one of them. Expectations is not a woman singing about loving other women to shock the listener or ruffle any feathers like many a pop star has done in the past. Instead, it’s a poised young lady who is in charge of her sexuality and telling her stories. If the world can’t ever have enough of something, it’s a good storyteller; especially one that can do so through singing, songwriting, dancing, acting and video direction as Kiyoko does so seamlessly.

This album is pure lyrical genius and ‘swaggy’ hooks all wrapped up in a colourful pop package. Aside from a few generic pop moments, the album has that singer/songwriter element where it’s personal and real. Highlights include Curious; a track with multiple great hooks and infectious pop beats about a lingering flame who is now dating a guy, and Sleepover; a bittersweet and emotive track complete with string arrangements, plucked acoustic guitars, sweet electronic bass lines and layered vocal harmonies.

This is an artist who proves that gold lies in staying true to your message.  This album is powerful, strong, sensual and most of all, refreshing. Pop at it’s finest.


Expectations is out now!

Photo Credit Josh Paul Thomas