Jade Bird
Release date: 25 May 2018

Review: Jade Bird ‘Furious’

Furious is a poignant portrayal of fury, nestled in a bed of gentle, sweet vocals. This combination of ‘sadness’ and ‘fury’ certainly go hand in hand in Jade Bird’s new release; an acoustic tale of heartbreak and deception.  

Furious is the second single from the emerging country-pop British singer/songwriter’s debut EP Something American. She is set to kick off her first headlining US tour which includes festival performances across the country.

This track couples the blunt and explicit lyrics of an Alanis Morissette song with the emotional, drawn out vocal phrases of an Adele ballad. Consisting entirely of vocals and an acoustic guitar that is very low in the mix, fans of emotional, stripped back vocal tunes will love it.

Though Jade’s previous single ‘Lottery’ contains some of the “outlaw spirit, fiery riffs and ready-to-roar vocals illustrated everyday gender dynamics…” as described in the Los Angeles Times, this description simply doesn’t translate in Furious.

Having said that, this track is full of beautiful, soft moments where the vocal melisma really shines through. From start to finish, Jade showcases her authenticity and realness as she gives the listener a solid glimpse into the potent mix of emotions of a broken heart. This is where the magic lies.