Review: Tuva Finseras EP

Ask anyone about their earliest musical experience and you’re likely to conjure up tales of forced piano practice; being scolded for having bad posture, and in extreme cases, teachers that used the piano lid as a pseudo cain as a method of scaring their student into playing the right notes.

Tuva Finseras has a different narrative. The Norwegian-born, Melbourne-based artists’ early musical days were indeed full of classical piano and composition, but instead they transformed into a beautiful explosion of psychedelic pop.

Her self-titled debut EP is a delightful collection of songs showcasing Finseras’s creative story telling abilities as she delves into her feelings and life experiences.

The opening track and first single release, ‘Easy Going Monday’, captures a certain type of innocence with it’s 70’s soft drum sounds and vocals drowned in delay. With lyrics like ‘waking up at 6am, indulging in the sound of rain,’ you’ll want to skip work and go frolic in a field of daisies.

‘I’m sorry’ and ‘While our city sleeps’ both open intimately with an plucked acoustic guitar and soft vocals. Throughout the EP, Finseras shows off her beautiful high register and  catchy choruses – often filled with lush harmonies and soft electronic beats. Her songs have a peculiar mix of beauty, drama and magic whilst blending a mix of acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

‘Racing the lions’ is the real ‘meat’ of the EP. Using ‘lion’ as a metaphor, this song is about the dark issues experienced by young adults pertaining to anxieties felt for the need to uphold impossible social standards and expectations. The EP finishes by taking the listener on what could almost be described as a ’spiritual journey’ with delicate piano motifs, soft string pads and lush melodies.

Simply picturesque.