Robyn Paige Can’t Resist A Man Who Isn’t “Righteous” For Her

If there’s one girl you need to take a listen to, it’s Robyn Paige. Not only is she beyond beautiful, her vocals are lit completely. She has recently released this music video, acting as the other woman.

The music video was released on 25 November 2016 and in just over two weeks has amassed 10,000 hits. Robyn Paige settles into her role easily, creating tension in the air between her character and Michael, her lover.

We can feel the animosity in this Olan Collardy directed video; although reasons as to why doesn’t unfold until three quarters of the way through the video when the music abruptly stops without warning. Talk about taking a hold of the audience right there and then.

We find out that Robyn Paige is the other woman in this love triangle. All those memories and flashbacks we were shown of how their lovely relationship has been is thrown apart from the mere mention of it not being entirely real because she’s nothing more than the bit on the side, or so we think.

Of the music video, Robyn Paige said: “I was nervous to play ‘the other woman’ in the video but I feel that the concept really portrayed the lyrics perfectly to grasp the meaning of the song.”

As for the song, itself, you wouldn’t think a stunning voice like that would come from someone just as beautiful, but it does. She displays emotion throughout the song, really meaning every lyric she is singing. A piano-based ballad written by Robyn Paige, Johnson Orchid, and Corazon Baguma. Her sultry vocals work perfectly with the string arrangement and the backing of the sparse drum.

Robyn Paige said the song is about: “Being in a situation you know shouldn’t be in. It’s about how you feel in that moment when you are torn between the right and the wrong thing to do, but are unable to resist the wrong thing.”

As for Robyn Paige, herself; she’s a singer/songwriter and this is her official debut single, which follows from the awesomely received track “Say You Will”. She has been working with producer Sampl to create this new sound and direction. This is the person who produced “Say You Will” and “Righteous” in preparation of a debut EP which is planned to be released early next year. This is one R&B singer you need to listen to.