‘Room 414’ – The Erised

Music is a universal language. It has the power to unite human beings in a fusion of unique experiences that every so often cast shivers down our spine or turn our insides into goo. Tunes with this much tendency are extremely hard to find, but I promise you, after taking one listen to Room 414 by up and coming wunderkind The Erised, you’ll be endlessly hypnotised.


You may not have heard much about them, but The Erised are curating mesmerising marvels, that you most likely have only just shockingly (but magnificently) unearthed now. Hailing all the way from Ukraine, The Erised are a unique collective of five instrumentalists that produce cross-genre sounds with bass layers distantly reminiscent to that of The XX and vocals that mirror the sultriness of your homegal RiRi. Led by vocalist Sonya Sukorukova, the roots of the quintet derive from a background of jazz and rock musicians as well as drum and bass producers Detail and Hidden Element; a blend that will most certainly bless those ears of yours.

Receiving praise from heavyweights such as Wonderland, Vogue Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and UKF, it is certainly clear that this conglomeration of minds are producing some pretty groundbreaking tracks. However, they aren’t a band that you would typically expect to be signed to South London label Med School, but nevertheless, their raw soundscapes are a perfect compliment to the labels eclectic selection of DJ’s and D&B artists.

Off the back of their 2015 debut EP, Desire, The Erised have unveiled their debut album Room 414 – a phantasmal and heartfelt 14 track journey that is everything from hauntingly mysterious to god damn sexy.

Opening with the creak of a door hinge and the dial of an empty phone line is ‘Spring’ – a delicate yet haunting track that is surprisingly one of the albums most euphoric songs. Driven by the breathy vocals of Sukorukova alongside some moody electronic pattering’s, ‘Spring’ is a calming introduction that leaves behind an intriguing aftertaste of what Room 414 has yet to offer.

‘Velvet’ follows – a track with silky and seductive vocals from Sukorukova that quite literally soothe through the ballad just like velvet. Plucks of jazz influenced guitar strings echo in ripples all while industrial electrical beats blur beneath – a meld of textures that adds so perfectly to the records personality.

Popular track, ‘Pray’ from The Erised’s debut EP follows shortly after – 3 minutes and 20 seconds of pure beauty; a track destined to be a momentous pop charter. With nearly 1 million hits on Spotify it’s no question that this track deserves to make an appearance in your playlist. With pulsing electronic synths and devastatingly heartfelt lyrics, The Erised showcase a production of intimacy that has the potential to make you feel vulnerable, invincible and everything in between.

In ‘Liar’ we are transported to a synth-heavy rock soundscape. Vampy darkness looms throughout the track and heavy and foggy guitars pound at its climax – a unique formula that proves the diverse approach and capability of The Erised’s musical potential.

Room 414, closes triumphantly with ‘Ghost’ – a slow and taunting track that powerfully bounds the finishing minutes with frenzied guitar riffs and chopped edgy vocals. As the final seconds trickle by, that familiar dial tone rings once again, signaling the end of a euphoric and tragic 48-minute enthralling journey.

Room 414 is an album with effortless beauty and emotion that has the ability to hypnotise you from the very first line. With a meld of moody instrumentals, dramatic synth effects and dulcet vocals, The Erised have cemented themselves as an intriguing and raw personality that well and truly deserve to sit front and center on the big stage. With the crisis currently facing their home country, it is surprising that a group like this can possess the nature to create material that makes you both sigh and shiver from a collection of mellow and heartfelt musical flavours. The Erised define beauty in music as a form and their exquisite deliverance of such productions narrate the underlying power and bond that music as a whole has over us.

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