Sam Callahan Inspires All With His “Stitches and Scars” Single and Music Video

Today’s the day that marks Sam Callahan’s release of the amazing new single and music video, titled “Stitches and Scars”. The song is his most personal and empowering track, to-date, with a matching visual to accompany it. A total must-watch for everyone reading this article.

The track has been written by Sam Callahan himself, and taking into account his social media posts over the last few years, it’s not surprising that this song encourages others to never give up on their dreams and to continue to push themselves – to get back up after being knocked down. It was produced by Jamie Sellers. As for the music video, that has been directed by Sam Callahan & Gareth Mangan. It stars professional MMA Fighter, Mike ‘Pretty Boy’ Hales; professional gymnast, Sophie Brace; British MX Championship contender, Tommy Lee Morris; and, world champion minibike racer, Robbie Daly.

Talking about the song in the video description, Sam Callahan said:

Hey guys, so ‘Stitches and Scars’ is about a really tough time I had at one stage in my life. I had made some stupid decisions, I’d forgotten and neglected some responsibilities that I’d had and it had put me in a really bad place mentally. At the time I was moping around a lot feeling sorry for myself and walking around staring at my feet in a very negative mood and that is quite simply not how I roll!
Generally as a person, I’m super positive, very motivated and have a wicked out look on life, even at times when most people would not! My brother turned around to me at the time having noticed my struggle and told me this: ‘You could have not made that decision, you could have not made those mistakes, you could be less wild and less like you. You could be more boring, more preserved and you could never step out of line, but thats not you and we love you for who you are! It is your imperfections that make you who you are and you need to stop beating yourself up and own them!’  This really resonated with me at the time, it made me realise that I had to get myself out of this hole I was in and those words he said to me that day were the reason that I wrote this song and even show themselves in the music here and there. At the end of the chorus the song sings, ‘Would I really be me without my stitches and scars?’ and THAT in a nutshell is what my brother taught me that day, we have to accept who we are and own it!

We all have our own faults and imperfections but all in all they are what make us unique and we should choose to own those imperfections and use them to our advantage for our own greater good!
The whole crux of the song is based on getting up again after hard knocks, over coming the hurdles that you might face in your career or just in life on a day to day basis too. Everybody has something that they have to overcome and most have things they want to achieve in life too. Personally, I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you just have to work hard, be yourself and believe!

We can’t help but adore this song, Sam Callahan has taken it all the way back to his roots with this track, reminding us of his early days in the music industry, before The X Factor, when he dropped the single “Runaway Train” alongside cover songs of Taylor Swift’s “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Calvin Harris & Example’s “We’ll Be Coming Back” – the latter of which is still one of our all-time favourite covers. His voice is packed full of emotion and passion, and he shows the listeners that he is full of integrity and strength. He empowers us all to never give up on our dreams, to never change for someone else, and to always get back up again and again – take Sam Callahan’s advice in his lyrics: “Just like a boomerang, I’mma keep coming back again.”

As for the music video, it is incredible. There is a full-on narrative that is inspiring and incredible to watch and a slight performance piece that keeps us intrigued. The latter sees Sam Callahan walking the streets and playing his guitar, every now and again, ending up in a car park where he lets off a smoke flare. We also see performance clips from his time on stage at festivals, arena concerts, and gigs.

As for the empowering narrative, we watch the professionals work and train in their careers before they fully give it all they’ve got as the song draws to a close. Mike ‘Pretty Boy’ Hales can be seen jogging along the shoreline where a child decides to join him, he can also be seen training his fighting skills in a gym. As for gymnast, Sophie Brace, we watch her train in her gym too, not quite making the flips until towards the end of the music video where she gives it her all, showing that practice does make perfect. We also watch Tommy Lee Morris and Robbie Daly on the bike track.

This is perhaps the best music video we’ve ever watched from Sam Callahan, and we could certainly watch it again and again. We’re excited to see this new direction from him and can’t wait for even more new music. His new single “Stitches And Scars” is available to download and stream now through Mean Recordings.

For those of you who don’t know who Sam Callahan is, he is a singer-songwriter who has been building up his career for many years. He started releasing songs on YouTube and Soundcloud before officially releasing his debut single “Runaway Train”, which was later followed up with “Crazy” which also saw him take on various tasks for charity. He next auditioned for The X Factor UK managing to make it all the way to the live shows, coming in seventh place; he was mentored by Louis Walsh. After The X Factor, he dipped into the rock music world by forming a rock band which didn’t work out, he also released the single, “Bigger Things”. Next up, he released the club track “I Love It When You” in 2016. The following year saw him slow it down with the release of “Burns Like Fire” and he followed that up earlier this year with “Say Something”. Now, with “Stitches And Scars” out, Sam Callahan has gone back to his roots and impresses us all with how far he has come. The future for Sam Callahan is certainly bright.