Say It With #PepsiMoji

What do you get when you mix two internationally renowned photographers, a world-class fashion designer, and one of the most popular beverage brands on the planet? A fun, quirky, and pithy range of those little modern hieroglyphs we call emojis, that’s what.

620Courtesy of Pepsi™.

You may have already spotted them – the happy, cheeky little faces smiling back at you from your drink of the fizzy stuff. But you might also be interested to know that Pepsi are taking their jaunt into the digital-language sphere very seriously.

Pepsi are taking their line of PepsiMojis global – and offline. Their new range of emojis is bubbling with more than 600 unique designs, which are to be featured in more than 100 markets and on more than one billion bottles and cans, sunglasses and stadiums, all over the globe.

621Pepsi x Jeremy Scott. Courtesy of Pepsi™.

It sounds like a simple enough idea – a fresh range of those characterful little bits and bobs that we tack onto our tweets, posts, and texts. But it’s actually a whole collection of tiny little designs that’s being backed by a large and rather innovative marketing campaign.

Pepsi aren’t holding back when it comes to the big names they’ve brought on board to get the word out about their new line of emojis – from fashion designer Jeremy Scott (who knows a thing or two about fun graphics), to celebrated photographer Ben Watts, and social media maestro Daniel Arnold.

As a part of their ‘unleashing’ of the emojis, this summer – or winter, for those of us in the southern hemisphere – will see the release of a capsule collection of PepsiMoji inspired sunglasses. The eyewear range, called Pepsi x Jeremy Scott, is set to feature six exclusive designs.

622PepsiMoji by Ben Watts. Courtesy of Pepsi™.

The other element to Pepsi’s project to take the emojis off-screen involves the handiwork of the two very talented, aforementioned photographers. Ben Watts, a famous globetrotting photographer, has put his spin on the PepsiMoji campaign by injecting his real-life images with a jolt of PepsiMoji fun.

Speaking about his connection to the brand and his involvement with PepsiMoji, Watts pointed to his love not only for the drink itself, but also to Pepsi’s previous advertising campaigns, saying: “I have always loved their advertising, so it was and is a real pleasure to shoot for them.”

Daniel Arnold, known better to most as @arnold_daniel, put together his PepsiMoji campaign over a series of one day shoots. An impressive feat the street photographer calls a stroke of “superhuman luck”, Arnold worked in split screen – with photos he’d taken on one side, and PepsiMojis on the other – and tried overlapping the emoji graphics with the day’s shots until he got a giggle.

623PepsiMoji by Daniel Arnold. Courtesy of Pepsi™.

Speaking to his own excitement for the project and the PepsiMojis, Arnold says: “I’m a visual communicator. I search compulsively for alignments of people and things that imply plot-lines, and then try to capture them in a clean and graphic way. PepsiMojis do roughly the same thing, only much more simply and efficiently. I was challenged to refine my usual shtick, and match that efficiency. What’s more inspiring than a challenge?”

PepsiMoji is all about consumer engagement and creating genuinely fun, sprightly content. The adventurous campaign has already begun its rollout in the Australian, Canadian, Indian, Mexican, Russian, and Thai markets, and will begin to popup throughout the rest of the world shortly.

624Courtesy of Pepsi™.

You can experience the world of #PepsiMoji for yourself right now and #SayItWithPepsi, by downloading the PepsiMoji keyboard app for free from the Apple App and GooglePlay stores.

Courtesy of Pepsi™