Say Lou Lou are back with dreamy tune ‘Golden Child’

Say Lou Lou have premiered their new track ‘Golden Child’ from their brand new album ‘Immortelle’ which is set for release September 21st.

Since their succesful debut release ‘Lucid Dreaming’ back in 2015, the sister released new music earlier this year with ‘ANA’ and are now back with ‘Golden Child’. The track was written and recored in a studio in Beachwood Canyon late 2017 between the pair and producers Trent Mazur and Dash Le Francis.

This is what the gals had to say about the ‘Golden Child’: “Golden Child was created as an ode to our younger sisters – and to our younger selves in a way – explaining how tricky and confusing cultural/patriarchal structures can be in your self-discovery – so contradictory and hard to navigate. Imploring them to free themselves from the invisible shackles of expected ideas of young womanhood and see the world and life that lie ahead of them ‘on the other side’ – kind of like an empowering lullaby.”

They will also be performing two intimate shows in Los Angeles and New York. For more information head to

1/28 – Moroccan Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
11/30 – The Park Church Co-op – Brooklyn, NY