Sex, Bananas, And A Gorilla

Australian band Tame Impala have released an amazingly weird video for their 5th single ‘The Less I Know the Better’ from their hit album Currents. It’s a standard love story in many aspects; boy meets girl, boy has oral sex with girl in the changing rooms and tells her that he loves her, girl falls for Trevor the Gorilla.

The fact that this all occurs inside the first minute or so means the video only gets weirder from there on out. Amongst the backdrop of falling bananas, naked body painting, and Trevor jumping through a flaming ring of fire to slam dunk a basketball, there is time to fit together an actual story. A story that centres on winning the affections of the lead cheerleader. Now, back to bananas…

The funky song is almost forgotten about as the story plays out in an unlit school. It forms a backdrop in front of which Trevor takes centre stage as he runs his hands all over the cheerleader, while his love rival looks on and solemnly eats a banana by himself in the theatre.

It is a gloriously silly video that almost laughs at itself hysterically while playing out. Before it inevitably culminates in a big showdown at the end, complete with slow motion walking, knee slides, and basketballs as weapons.

Who said drugs aren’t fun?

Watch ‘The Less I Know the Better’ below: