Sexual Harassment, We need to change our behavior

Bill O’reilly one of Fox News channels most experienced and head news presenter has lost his job and place at the Fox News channel. Bill has been a member of the Fox News channel since 1996.

However, with 5 sexual assault allegations as well as the 13 million dollars paid in settlements to woman all accusing O’reilly of sexual misconduct and behavior. The seasoned news presenter is now the name of shame and inappropriate behavior. After the April 1st article in the New York Times over 50 advertisers left his show and various women’s right groups all called for Bill to be fired.

This scandal has gone worldwide and now Fox has a public relations crisis that needs to be addressed. Bill O’reilly will be succeeded by Tucker Carlson in 8pm Eastern slot. The Five a political roundtable will be moved to 9pm. These changes have taken place and are how Fox will stand in prime-time television.

Now those are the fact of this case, but it calls for a different conversation. What is and is not allowed in the workplace. When do we know that sexual harassment has been crossed and what can we do as individuals in society to prevent it.

Sexual harassment means the bullying and coercion sexual nature. It also means the promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. Now we know what it means. Why does it happen?

Sexual happen happens due to power relations in the workplace or even elsewhere. According to the Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights, women are more likely to become victims of sexual harassment because they more often lack power or hold insecure positions within a corporation or business. This is not to say men cannot be sexually harassed.

The conversation we need to be having is one that protect victims and ensures everyone is treated equally regardless of gender or status. We also need to be talking to our children and youth on the importance of respect and dignity. If something makes someone uncomfortable then you should stop. Respect for women is important and needs to be highlighted for everyone to understand.

Tips for sexual harassment include acting quickly if it is brought by employees and co-workers. Be sure to discuss your working environment with others. Call out misconduct or inappropriate behavior if you see it, and lastly take all complaints seriously. If employees feel comfortable with that policy they will be more likely to be honest if sexual harassment arises. Everyone should understand these tips and work towards making a safe and comfortable work environment. Sexual assault is not a joke it effects thousands of people every day and it is our job to help take this behavior and eradicate it. Remember if you are a victim of sexual assault don’t be afraid and remember to teach the next generation this concept as well. I am a strong advocate of this policy.