SG Lewis Kicks Off The Night With Debut Album ‘Dusk’

After 2 years of hiatus from his last EP ‘Yours’ in 2016, the 23-year old SG Lewis has finally released his debut album ‘Dusk’. Started out as underground club-oriented styles, SG Lewis tantalizes his fans with an eclectic mix of disco, west coast hip-hop and 80’s electro in this brand new release.

‘Dusk’ is a take-off from a three-part album “Dusk, Dark, Dawn”, which represents different moments in the nights of a party-goer: the upbeat sunset socialization in ‘Dusk’, the hard-hitting for an outrageous party in ‘Dark’ and the euphoric melodies for a laidback post-party session.

“Dusk, Dark, Dawn is about taking the intentions of that music all those feelings and experiences, those amazing emotions I had from the age of 17 to 19 and placing them outside of the context of the club. Those memories of being a young person and having my mind blown by this thing I never knew existed.”

The release includes the lead single ‘Aura’ that features a fellow British singer J Warner, which was released last January on his youtube channel. The upbeat sun-down anthem recounts a back-and-forth separation between two lovers who couldn’t get enough of each other’s ‘aura’ — the song a mix of passionate songwriting complemented by a fitting production value.

SG Lewis released the album following his sold-out UK shows, which includes the headline performance at London’s Electric Brixton with special guest Jarreau Vandal and James Vickery. He will also be performing in June at an upcoming show at the Forbidden Fruit Festival in Dublin, Ireland.

‘Dusk’ Tracklist
Sunsets (Part 1)
Sunsets (Part 2)
Aura ft. J Warner
Coming Up
Tides ft. Kartell

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