Sigrid Launches New Video For ‘Raw’

On March 22nd, Norwegian singer and songwriter Sigrid released her latest music video for her song ‘Raw’. The video streamed via Sigrid’s Facebook page at 5:55pm (GMT) and has since raised over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Continuing her trend of simplistic but stylish music videos (including Don’t Kill My Vibe and Strangers), the video involves Sigrid wearing a stand-out orange jacket whilst walking around various city scenes whilst singing the lyrics to ‘Raw’. The video seems to drop any signs of studio editing, making it seem as if you are walking down the street with Sigrid serenading you.

The song itself is amplified by the ‘raw’ and impressive acoustic vocals, adding emotive meaning to beautiful lyrics like “arrest me if I hurt you but no apologies for being me”. This combined with an impressive performance in the video, audiences were delighted but clearly not surprised by Sigrid’s ongoing talent.


Watch Raw below…