Single Review: Jaakko Aukusti ‘Himalaya’

After releasing his debut EP, Volcano, early in 2015, Jaakko Aukusti has sprinted through the year and crossed the finish line into 2016 with the release of new single, ‘Himalaya’. The song is heavily lead by a welcoming bombardment of beating drums from the beginning, striking you with the song with no time to let it wash over you.

There is an instant familiar influence from bands such as The Naked and Famous and Passion Pit and Jaakko Aukusti, like these two incredible bands, has burst through the mundane chart toppers with colourful, original music.

33`Photo © Stone Films

What’s most interesting and unique about this single is that is doesn’t follow any kind of normal standards, that includes lack of verse-to-chorus repartee. Instead we are gifted with a constant feeling of a different chorus after another, each hitting those electro-loving nerves buried, not as deep as you might think, inside your body.

The song envelopes you, allowing your mind to wander off to a secret party somewhere in the wild with all the magical elements you can conger up, along with Jaakko’s lullaby-esque voice reassuring you into a sense of comfort. You could lay back and listen to this on repeat as it lures the stars from the sky and, for you, a new love for this poppy electronic music, you never knew you had.