Single Review: Tom Odell – Magnetised

Tom Odell is back. It only took him a couple of years. But the length of waiting time means nothing after you listen to what he’s been doing, to be honest. In the space of only a couple of weeks from each other, he dished out not one but two new singles: “Wrong Crowd” – which will also the title of his upcoming album – and “Magnetised”. Despite of the upbeat sound and explosive chorus, “Magnetised” actually talks about one of mankind oldest problems of the heart: unrequited love. (Hashtag: we’ve all been there.)

What’s amazing about this song, for me anyway, is that although it’s wrapped in all those strong beats, it’s still able to grab your emotions with the powerful, very relatable, lyrics. For a rainy day listening option, Spotify the acoustic version of this song. You’re welcome. The album itself it set to be release in June. But in the meantime, here’s the official video where Tom looks slightly dapper and more mature with his short hair: