Soccer Mommy – Be Seeing You

Hazy, yearning, bedroom rock

While Soccer Mommy’s biggest songs are buoyed by Sophie Allison’s audible resentment and regret, “Be Seeing You” is all sweet longing and rose-tinted glasses. Everything is better in memory, even “when your car died”  and “you told me it was the last time”.

Nostalgia is always fertile ground for music, and past lives can be painted as favourably as the mood requires. Soccer Mommy does it here with guitar lines and a chorus so catchy and simple it’s a wonder it hasn’t been made yet.

The track is a B-side to “Blossom”; two songs that have been released on streaming services after languishing on Bandcamp, the internet’s default home for bedroom demos. These were made in Allison’s college dorm, and the slightly blown-out doubled vocals crackle like “rain on a summer night”. It only takes a simple bedroom setup to take us back to a both the college dorm and a lost lover, who probably wasn’t even that good, but that’s not the point right now.