Soccer Mommy shares new single ‘Cool’

Following the release of a series of DIY Bandcamp recordings, including last year’s well-received compilation ‘Collection’, indie songstress Sophie Allison aka ‘Soccer Mommy’ has recently begun teasing toward the release of her debut studio album, ‘Clean’. Earlier this month, the twenty-year-old Nashville native shared the first taste of the album – ‘Your Dog’ – and has now released a second single – ‘Cool’.  

The song exemplifies Allison’s lyrical progression past the ‘sad girl’ demeanour of her previous work, with identity and the desire to adopt the personality of another being the dominant themes of the track. The singer describes the song as ‘focusing’ “on this other person who’s desirable and cool, and it shows how sometimes you can romanticize the idea of being different than you are.”

Musically, ‘Cool’ is more proof of Soccer Mommy’s growth as an artist. Whilst aspects of Allison’s jangly, lo-fi bedroom pop days are certainly still present, the energy and catchiness of the song is given a substantial boost through its rich instrumentation. Despite the reverb and echo effects they’re laced with, the guitars have a noticeable grit to them – especially in the fierce, sweeping lead guitar melody in the second chorus. The verses see the instruments unified to play a punchy bassline, before exploding into individual yet complimentary parts on the chorus, with Allison’s infectious vocal melody soaring over the top. The song rides out with a guitar solo over the chorus’ chord progression, while the pitch of all the instruments is lowered to reach an unexpectedly strange and muddy ending that adds to the moodiness of the track.

‘Clean’ is set for a March 2nd release via Fat Possum Records, and is produced by Gabe Wax, known for his work with The War on Drugs, Deerhunter and Beirut. I’d never made a full album before, just EPs and random tracks thrown together. I wanted it to be a lot more cohesive than the rest of the stuff that came before,” explains Allison. “I wanted to make something that was a full piece of my life, that addressed similar themes and held together as a whole.” You can pre-order the album here.

Listen to ‘Cool’ here.

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