‘Something’s Gotta Give’ – a summer craving by Raveena Aurora

Currently drowning in midterms and in need of a lil pick me up? If so, may I so kindly introduce you to the ever so sweet single ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ by Raveena Aurora – a beautiful New Yorker with a classic soul for seduction.

If you are a procrastinating Uni student like me, for the past few weeks you have most likely been hunched over your laptop in the dark shadows of your room scrolling through pointless Facebook posts and watching funny cat videos all whilst listening to that Study playlist on Spotify – in hope of actually…you know…doing that thing called… ‘Studying’. (Sorry Mum :/)

Last week, whilst on what I like to call a well-deserved ‘intermission’ of hardworking research, (which I admittedly take just a tad too often) I was scrolling through my SoundCloud feed and stumbled upon Raveena’s mighty fine new track ‘Something’s Gotta Give’. Having heard her previous single, ‘You Give Me That’ earlier this year, I was keen to hear what next she had to offer. And oh boy were my ears #blessed.

Pressing pause on my dreary ol’ study playlist and tapping play on Raveena’s latest track, I quite literally felt the sunlight pierce through my curtains. With dreamy lush beats and sunny soul vocals ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ instantaneously swept me off my feet, dipping me into a world of chirping birds, serendipitous road trips and sun kissed skin – a euphoric summer ecstasy.

590Courtesy of Netti Hurley

Produced by partner in crime and production prodigy, Everett Orr “You Give Me That” is a mesmerising tune with a slice of soul, a sliver of jazz and a whole lot of beauty; one that will most certainly put a spring in your step. Combined with an alluring soundscape reminiscent to that of 70’s soul and delicious R&B flavours, Aurora’s latest single encompasses poetry in both a rich and sincere nature, drawing upon the trivialities of life.

“Something’s Gotta Give’ is a song I wrote after a period in my life where I experienced a lot of intense sadness and tumult – life just throwing me a lot of curveballs and negative energy at a young age,” reveals Aurora to Pigeons and Planes, “I turned a lot of that bad energy inward for a while, but after a point, it got really old and unproductive and I realized that even if I couldn’t change a certain situation that I was trapped in at the time, I could definitely take responsibility for my own happiness, success and intellectual/creative growth and peaceful well-being.”

And oh damn girlfraaand, what a superb job you did at doing so!

So if your smile has recently gone for a wander or your busy lil brain is currently in a state of turmoil, press play below and take a moment to drown yourself in the drizzling sparkling voice of Raveena Aurora.

After just one listen, ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ will be your catalyst for those dreamy summer adventures you have been so longing to partake in…

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Courtesy of Netti Hurley