Stephen’s Crossfire – A Portrait of Universal Anxiety

Signed to Halfway House records, Stephen is a new Californian musician who, if you have been lucky enough to listen to his music, blows away the cobwebs that linger around the words ‘male singer-songwriter’. Exploding out of the new music scene two years ago with his futuristic, wobbling bass-laden Remembering Myself, Stephen’s latest musical love child Crossfire is nothing less than an artistic masterpiece of lyrics and electronic melody detailing the social injustice and anxiety of the world.

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Opening with a ghostly morphing of Massive Attack’s Teardrop and Jack Garratt’s The Love You’re Given, a ghastly whimpering can be heard over haunting piano and dulcet yet devilish electronic notes that introduce Stephen’s angst charged vocal line. His lyrics tell the story of widespread suffering and violence in the world;

Heaven if you sent us down,
So we could build a playground,
For the sinners, to play as saints,
You’d be so proud of what we made
I hope you got some beds around,
Cuz you’re the only refuge now,
For every mother, every child, every brother,
That’s caught in the Crossfire

What with the recent tragedies in Paris, San Bernadino and the heightened tension after the violence on the London Underground recently, Stephen’s poetry and sombre yet futuristic sound is more relevant than ever. He is a master instrumentalist and lyricist, and one to certainly watch out for in 2016.

Have a listen to Crossfire and tell me I’m wrong: