Stepping out of your Musical comfort zone

I, like most of us, have stuck pretty much in my lane when it comes to music genres. Sure, there was that ‘pop punk’ phase of 2007 that I’d prefer not to remember. But other than that I’m a strictly indie rock or indie pop kind of gal. Because of this loyalty to my chosen genre I am definitely blinded to other types of music and I think this is a kind of universal experience for anyone who doesn’t know the entire catalogue at their local JB-HI FI. So I am here to say; “Listen to other music, all music and you might be surprised!”.
Last night I was dragged along to a friend of a friends album launch at The Melbourne Folk Club. Now, I had never listened to folk music before, unless you count whenever Mumford and Sons comes on the radio. And trust me, that’s not anything as folky as what I experienced last night. I went into the experience knowing nothing about the music and having a whole heap of pre conceived ideas about the kind of people who liked folk music (think hippies and teepees). I’m the first to admit I was wrong.
I entered the club, on the first floor of the Trade Union Hall and was greeted by normal run of the mill people. Couples sat around tables that had cute little candles in glass wear on them. People milled around the bar quietly chatting and drinking cider. On stage the warm up act was singing her lungs out to a Leonard Cohen song. It was cozy, dark and warm and I was really feeling it. Once I was settled down on a couch to the left of the stage the main act began.
Tolka are a four piece folk unit hailing from Melbourne. Playing mostly traditional folk music I was mesmerized by their performance. Full of violin melodies and guitars it was truly different to anything I’d ever liked before.
This music related experience has been an eye opener to me and I urge you to try something new in the musical sense. Never listened to folk before? Try Tolka. Never heard a classic English rock tune? Try The Zombies. Trust me, there is no harm in trying and you can always go back to your comfort genre.
Here’s a link to Tolka’s website If you want to broaden your horizons head to!