Straighten Don’t Damage

Let’s face it, when it comes to our hair most of us will go to eternity and beyond to ensure it looks amazing. We all imagine salon sleek, vibrant, shampoo advert hair that swishes and sways to and fro as we walk down the path with the wind in our sails. You know what will ruin this vision? Unsightly, unhealthy hair with brittle, breaking, split ends damaged by heat. Hair straighteners are perhaps one of the best inventions known to man, allowing you to get that salon sleek look right in the comfort of your own home. However, with the variety available, it’s very important to make sure you get the right one for your hair.

This article will give you the scoop on what’s out there and what you should consider when selecting a hair straightener. 

The type of plates used on the straightening iron is perhaps the first thing that you should consider. Some of the types of plates you may come across include metal, ceramic, titanium and a combination of ceramic and titanium, and also tourmaline. While they all straighten the hair, each type of plate works different to the next, and this will be reflected in the prices. 

The least expensive straighteners tend to be the metal ones, as they are sadly not that great for your hair. These tend to take a little longer to heat up and when they eventually do heat up the heat is not evenly distributed across the plate. This can result in the hair being burnt or damaged in other areas of the hair. Leaving it looking unhealthy, brittle and just damaged.

A professional hair straightener will last longer, give you the hair style you crave and ensure your hair looks healthy and beautiful.
The more expensive straighteners tend to use ceramic, titanium, tourmaline or a blend of these. Ceramic plates heat up quickly, and the heat is distributed evenly across the plate so hair damage is prevented. Ceramic plates also leave the hair looking shiny and healthy. This type of plate also works well for fine or thin hair and is perfect for reducing frizz.

Titanium Hair Straightener’s are also excellent at protecting the hair from damage. Like ceramic, they heat up evenly and quickly. Titanium is a naturally occurring element that maintains its heat very evenly and without a great deal of changeability which makes it much easier for you to safely style your hair. This type of plate is excellent on course or thick hair.

Tourmaline is the newest addition. It is actually a gemstone that reacts to heat and becomes negatively charged. 
The negative ions allows the straightener to heat the hair more quickly than other irons so less heat is applied to the hair, minimizing damage to the hair. Tourmaline also makes the hair look healthier because it closes the cuticle of the hair shaft so it lays flat making the hair look shiny and healthy instead of dry and damaged. Plates created with a ceramic tourmaline coating are also becoming increasingly popular as it combines the benefits of both materials. 


Aside from the types of plates used the other thing to look out for is getting an iron that allows the temperature to be adjusted. This is extremely important because we all have different hair types. Fine hair will require a lower temperature setting of perhaps around 180 º C or lower or else it will burn. Very thick, coarse hair or tight curly hair will need higher temperatures of over 180 degrees. 

The size of the hair straightener is also something worth noting. A narrower iron will work best on shorter hair whereas a wider iron will work better on longer hair. 
So here’s some ideas on what’s out there:


CHI Elite Shimmer Black  Flat Iron 1 Inch 

• Temperature dial for variable heat settings
• Eliminates static and reduces frizz
• 9 ft. Swivel cord for convenience
• Floating plates for better results

This utilizes the latest innovative technology combining Tourmaline Ceramic with even heat distribution, producing an exceptionally high amount of negative ions and far infrared which reduce static electricity for that perfect style. Hair is left smooth and silky with an unparalleled shine.



• Professional Finish
• Smoother plates
• Cooler, lighter body
• Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
• Sleep mode

Glimmering gold accents and plates and an enhanced design give the ghd V gold classic styler a luxe feel. Smoother gold plates glide effortlessly through the hair to make straightening on all hair types and lengths even quicker and easier, while their contoured edges help to create perfect curls and waves, all with a high shine, salon-style finish.


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium

• Ultra smooth titanium plates conduct ultra –high heat and resist corrosion
• Ceramic heater instant heat and recovery
• LED tempreture settings up to 450 F
• Digital ionic technology emits millions of negative ions
• Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat

Whatever you choose make sure you consider all the important factors that will benefit your hair, its health and beauty.