Sundara Karma Release ‘Loveblood’ Music Video

Once again, Reading-based rock outfit, Sundara Karma have delivered an infectious indie-rock number, titled Loveblood, which originally featured on their debut EP, EPI. The track follows on from the group’s huge single, A Young Understanding and is accompanied by a very vampiresque music video. Over the past year, Sundara Karma have been a force to reckon with, steadily building up a huge cult following, whilst earning comparisons to Arcade Fire and Bruce Springsteen. The group of teenagers are currently setting off on a national UK tour until the end of July, with special guests INHEAVEN.

649Image Courtesy of the Artist

Loveblood is a track bursting with light and energy, with glitzy guitar lines and powerful percussion; it is without a doubt filled with infectious indie goodness. Lead singer, Oscar Lulu’s vocals cry out in a perfect combination of melancholy and electricity over the top of the energetic instrumentals. About two thirds of the way through the momentum of the track pauses, with a silent, twangy baseline at the forefront before picking up for a huge instrumental breakdown before leading into a final rendition of the catchy chorus. Loveblood, with its infectious melody and catchy summer vibes, is contrasted by the dark lyrical subject matter about a love affair with a girl with lines like, “Hiding in the silence, away from the violence,” which give a newer meaning to the track. All in all, Sundara Karma has delivered another electrifying, catchy indie number with and it will no doubt go off on the group’s UK summer tour and festival dates.

For more information on Sundara Karma’s upcoming tour dates and tickets, check out the group’s website.