Survival is adaptability: A ‘Client Liaison’ case study

Harvey Miller & Monte Morgan (Client Liaison) are back to releasing music again, following on from their successful debut record, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ in 2016, with their new single, ‘Survival In The City’. Speaking of which, their 2014 self-titled EP, can be understood in business terms as the start-up of a new band. With the creative juices been extracted from an endless supply of quintessential 1980s Australian trademarks and references. Their 2016 effort built upon these notions by thinking globally and acting locally; which meant their sound incorporated more wordily throwbacks to the golden era of the ’80’s whilst performing tracks off ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ all around Australia.

Which leads us to right now – Client Liaison’s music has been described as Synth-wave, Electropop or any variation falling under the Indie genre umbrella. ‘Survival In The City’ explores new ground for the duo, as its been heralded as a funky club rework of tribal beats. This ushers in a new motto for the band synonymous with being a living caricature of modern business: survival is adaptability. The new single adapts the band’s sound whilst familiarly placing them as both parodying all that encapsulates the city lifestyle and also being apart of the struggles they sing about. The song is rife with urban imagery “bright lights” “fast cars” “faux pas” “high-rise” “dollar signs”, filling every gap to ensure the listener feels encompassed by large buildings, such as the feeling of being lost in the CBD. The “taunting” surrounding is eased by the chorus, which motivates people to keep going no matter whether they’re “driving” or “stalling”. Opposites are heavily juxtaposed in the chorus to suggest, making it in the city means encountering ups and downs, which only reiterates Client Liaison’s point, to “Keep on giving what you’re willing”.

However if one single is not enough to sate your appetite, Client Liaison (as a broader brand) is unveiling its own fashion line. Extinguishing trends of slapping your band’s name and image on a t-shirt as merchandise, is at the forefront of the duo’s beliefs, making them an adaptable double threat to both rapidly evolving industries of music and fashion.