Szymon: In Loving Memory “I want my music to be timeless”

From an array of timeless musicians – who’s music brought the world diversion and liveliness, inspiring us all and effecting us in a way we never thought possible. They are much more than our idols – they’re also human. Dealing with personal afflictions that were hidden behind the curtain of their music.

As undoubtedly talented as Szymon was he, like many others, suffered from a form of mental illness, which became a crippling resident in his life. Unfortunately, Szymon’s long battle with depression exhausted in December 2012, which tragically concluded in Szymon taking his own life – he was only twenty-three.

This Newcastle musician had an immensely rare musical gift, at the age of nineteen Szymon was on the brink of signing his first record deal with EMI. Recordings would have progressed, but Szymon’s treatment came first – he wanted to rehabilitate himself before proceeding further. Syzmon’s dream-like, electro-folk vibe has caught a spark of global attention, captivating audiences all around the world – clocking close to 220k Spotify streams, adjacent topping the Hype Machine charts. Szymon’s music still continues to accumulate a worldly audience – remaining to prevail a wide audience.


Due to Szymon’s passing – the album ‘Tigersapp’ was never personally completed. But after the loss – his family and friends didn’t give up. They were determined to finish what Szymon had the tenacity to create, and longingly desired – by making Szymon’s dreams a reality. In memory of the former artist – Szymon’s family and friends have curated a special performance at this year’s Splendour In The Grass to perform their recreation of Szymon’s debut album, Tigersapp. The tribute will also include some of Australia’s biggest vocalist acts, which will be announced shortly.

Leaving behind an adequate body of work – his family and friends refused to let Szymons work go unheard and unnoticed. These heart-warming dedications will not only be eternally memorable – it’ll also be the very first live performance of Szymon’s songs.

“We are thrilled to be offered this amazing opportunity to honor our brother and friend Szymon and his music on such an incredible platform…….. We are so excited to perform, but never imagined we’d be performing Szymon’s music without him. We simply want to do justice to his art, and revel in the beauty of his incredible music.”

Even though, Szymon is no longer with us – the beauty and fragility of his songs, alongside his passion for music and personal accomplishments will live on, all thanks to the vast support and love from his family and friends. Without their determination none of this would be possible and the world wouldn’t be blessed with the sounds of a truly gifted talent.

For those who are attending Splendour in the Grass later in the year – be sure to check out this amazing tribute to Szymon. Join his family and friends in celebrating both his life and music; the experience will be a night to remember.

In honour of this dissemination – the music video ‘Floods’ has been released, with the help of visionary filmmaker, Casual Psychotic, this beautifully animated clip is now up for viewing.