Terrence Orlando’s Issues In Representation

Met the new artist from South London: Terrence Orlando. The name might sound familiar already, having his name mentioned in BBC Introducing, BBC 1Xtra, and Radar Radio. Now, he’s here with his 3 track debut project, Issues In Representation.

The EP, filled with collaboration with other artists such as Title, Tyler Straub, and Rageouz, with the help of Intervene as producer, is filled with a mix of thick R&B, drum & bass, with a pinch of soulful groove. Making all the songs on this EP catchy and significantly memorable. You can also hear skits of conversation with Orlando about the path of their respective music careers throughout this project.

The project itself is inspired by Orlando’s own understanding of his fears and what’s holding him back. “I read a book called “This War of Art” by Steven Pressfield“, he added, “Which talks about all these things and it inspired me to put this project together – for myself and others, who may be going through the same thing.

The album, that’s also described as a “motivational masterpiece”, aims to explore the need for self-belief, confidence, and drive. Especially in a society that is filled with constant distractions. Thinking that “very few of us trust our ideas enough to try“, Orlando is hoping, especially for those battling with resistance, that “this project puts us in the right mind-set and teaches us all how not to give a f**k“.

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