The 1975 break our hearts in their new music video, “A Change of Heart”

You could say that waking up early on Friday mornings isn’t really my thing. But when I heard the distant ping of my phone last week in an early morning haze I sprung out of bed like a crazed child on Christmas day. I clutched my device in joy to see The 1975’s new video for ‘A Change of Heart’ sitting in my subscription box and sat back down to prepare myself to revel in the greatness I was about to witness…

‘A Change of Heart’ is the fifth single from The 1975’s kaleidoscopic sophomore album (take a deep breath!), I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. A simple but oddly melancholy tune with just only three notes that so bleakly expresses the harsh reality of love, a concept that is captured so vividly in their most recent music video.

Written by front man Matty Healy and directed by Tim Mattia, “A Change of Heart” is stripped of colour; a timeless throwback to their black and white cult aesthetic that was conceived in their debut tracks. Even though it seems a step away from their current psychedelic persona, The 1975 being the typical nostalgias they are, pay homage to their past tracks both lyrically and visually. A play on lyrics from songs such as The City, Robbers and Sex and traces of Easter egg moments from the clips Robbers and Chocolate make sneaky appearances throughout. (Think cheeky gunplay and poetic French signage)

The charming cinematic clip stars Healy styled as a pierrot-clown that frolics around a deserted carnival and falls in love with a clown masked female counterpart, all whilst boasting dance moves from a melding of legends such as Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin and Gene Kelly. At the start of the clip all is splendid, and it seems that the two are in honeymoon avenue; a phase for them which is filled with bumper cars, delightful dance sequences, magic tricks and a surprising amount of popcorn. However as their time together continues to pass, Healy’s clowning around becomes tiring. Their Chaplinesque moves are no longer in sync, Healy’s magic tricks are no longer of wonder and the bumper cars are no longer an amusement. The once swooning enchantment of their relationship evaporates into a literal raincloud and Healy is left in a puddle of sadness as he watches his partner in crime leave with anguish; a sweet turned sour love story.

A scribble of cultural references that Healy aspired to portray through his clown like character

Could it be possible that Healy’s intentions of this video could indeed be a sly mirror of his own experience in the world of rock’n’roll? He is the main attraction and she is the visitor. However, she eventually grows tired of his unveiling personalities and the bright lights and loud noises that encapsulates his world. A lifestyle that seems so glamorous and alluring turns out to be the complete opposite and unlike Healy she is able to abandon it leaving him alone in a spotlight surrounded by the flashing glow of a stage lights and the ringing scream of fans.

‘A Change of Heart’ is a synth-driven tune that has been transformed into an iconic music video, one that is so gloriously adventurous yet fascinatedly sentimental all at the same time.

Watch the music video for “A Change of Heart” below. Warning: your eyeballs may get a tad misty :’(

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it is available on iTunes now. Make sure to also catch the Manchester lads at their Splendour in the Grass sideshows this coming July in Sydney and Melbourne.