The 1975 release new music video for ‘Somebody Else’

The 1975 have emotionally destroyed us yet again with their new music video for ‘Somebody Else’, which is the new single taken from their critically acclaimed US & UK #1 album, ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’.
Written by Matty Healy and directed by Tim Mattia, ’Somebody Else’ picks up from where their last music video for ‘A Change Of Heart’ left off. The video opens with a black-and-white clip, absent of any music other than a faint laugh track in the background. Healy enters his apartment and begins removing the clown makeup worn in the band’s previous video for ‘A Change Of Heart’, before changing into his normal everyday attire.

As the main clip begins, we catch Healy venturing through the murky world of a Lynchian night-time London; struggling with self obsession in the face of heart-break. We follow as Healy cries, drinks copious amounts of alcohol, sings a bit of karaoke, hooks up with a stripper and then gets beaten bloody. However the video doesn’t just stop there – the band leave us just a tad bit mind boggled with a trippy ending that you need to watch for yourself. The video is an absolute rollercoaster of events that’ll leave your heart aching and your inquisitive mind sifting through many fan theories in the comments below the video.

Make sure you catch The 1975 this month, as they’ll be returning to our Australian shores to perform at Splendour in the Grass, as well as their side shows in Sydney & Melbourne.

Watch the video down below…