The Clarity of Katie Burden

Started from a meditation retreat that ended up with an encounter with a group of blue chip musicians, Katie Burden’s journey as a musician began. She was raised in a small town in Colorado, she then spent time exploring NYC and San Francisco before heading off to LA for that retreat. Her new friends – drummer/producer Norm Block (Mark Lanagan, Sweethead and Jenny Lee of Warpaint) and guitarist Jen Turner of Here We Go Magic and Exclamation Pony – was introduced to a few of Jenny’s song sketches that she recorded as voice memos on her phone and after that, you guessed it, the rest was history.

When you listen to her music, Bat for Lashes would probably the first thing that springs into mind. With the help of Block and Turner, she released her atmospheric rock debut EP “My Blind Eye” under the Cautionary Tail label. The video itself made a premiere on USA Today who thought it had a “mysterious, experimental appeal.” Even better, it caught the attention of Jenny Lee (Warpaint) who immediately asked for Katie to sing backup vocals on her newest LP. She was also Jenny Lee’s opening act in LA while doing her “My Blind Eye” tour.

After coming back from that, she went straight to work for her follow up length “Strange Moon” with a band of collaborators. She keeps on digging deeper into her emotions, something that isn’t very easy to do for here. She admitted that she have had a hard time feeling emotions sometimes but, “Art makes me less afraid to feel and also less alone.” Same, Katie. Same.

Listen to her EP here.

Check out “My Blind Eye” official video: