The Dunwells Start Again With New Indie Song “It’s OK This Time”

Bringing a new fresh sound to indie pop, The Dunwells are back with “It’s OK This Time”, to coincide with their UK tour, as they gear up for a new album.

This song is a different direction for these guys; yet, their ability to blend acoustic sounds with their indie rock hooks are definitely identifiable within this intricate sounding track.

What definitely shines on this track is the opening sounds. They attune the audience into their music from the get-go, allowing the music to progress into a stronger and meaningful indie song that has a hook that you can’t quite get out of your head.

As indie pop songs go, this is one that intricate and clearly emotional. The band has said that the song is about anxiety and how it can take over at times. This comes across in the lyrics of the song, and the band seriously brings it as the song builds more and more.

This is an indie pop song that is certainly a grower. There is heartfelt lyrics with experimental backing sounds. The band said that they believe people can start over; that they can start again; this song proves just that.

The Dunwells are a four-piece group consisting of Joseph Dunwell, David Dunwell, Rob Clayton, and Adam Taylor. They are all close friends, with Joseph Dunwell and David Dunwell being brothers, and the reason behind the name of the band. They released their debut album, “Light Up The Sky”, earlier this year which featured singles “Hey Now” and “Lucky Ones”.

The Dunwells have recently finished up a tour, and released this song to accompany that tour, as well as to give fans an insight into the musical direction they have chosen for their new album. Their biggest tour date was in their hometown of Leeds, where their show was sold out.

Their new album is expected sometime in 2017.