The Electronic Echoes of Tomorrow from Jake Meadows

The music of Jake Meadows is a combination of a light yet captivating electronic sounds, significant harp, poetic lyrics and a soothing voice – basically, something that you’ll find it easy to get hooked on. So far, throughout his career, he’s been lucky enough to work with the likes of Daniel Johns, Eves the Behaviour, Thelma Plum, Paul Mac, Angus & Julia Stone, Steve Smyth, Art vs Science and Dustin Tebbutt.

He has also been featured as part of Daniel John’s Opera House show and at triple J’s Beat the Drum. In between exploring new material in club shows in Ibiza, Jake just released his debut single on the 11th of March, Echo of Tomorrow. The song contains all his signature sounds that he’s been working on for years, experimenting with modern electronic techniques, classical harp and the rich harmonious layers which makes the song stands out in the crowd.

Personally, I think it’s the kind of song that you should definitely have on your playlist for when you want to just chill with friends or when you find yourself in a house party with lame music or when you just need some good driving music because it works for all. Oh did I mention you’d be able to hear hints of Daniel Johns’ voice in it as well? You can’t ask for more, really.