The Girl and the Dreamcatcher drops Behind the Scenes video for “Make You Stay”

Here is a behind the scenes look at the “Make You Stay” music video from The Girl and The Dreamcatcher.

Consisting of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan, known as the reigning King and Queen of Disney; The Girl and The Dreamcatcher reveals what it’s like filming a music video. Interviews with Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan as well as scenes from behind the camera, we learn how everything comes together.

They announce how involved they are in the making of the video. They’re pretty bossy and controlling, yet to be able to do such a thing is rare when it comes to music videos. They capture the realness concept in the video in question, allowing a perfect narrative that totally relates to the song.

“Make You Stay” was released 17 June 2016 on iTunes and Spotify.


Their new EP titled “Negatives” is available to preorder now, and is expected to be released on 29 July 2016.

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