The Internet creates a gender neutral, genre fusing anthem

Before we get into the single ‘Come Over’ by ‘The Internet’ let’s recap on their career so far. The band name was initially a joke stemming from the question “where are you from” and the punchline proceeded “from the internet”. In keeping the name, this cheeky retort let fans know from the get-go, they are here to have fun and do things their way. They defy expectation and categorization as the group’s third album ‘Ego Death’ contains seven overlapping yet unique genre labels: Soul Music, Trip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Alternative R&B, Quiet Storm, Neo Soul and Electronica. And the answer to your question is yep! – Quiet Storm is really a thing

The internet is comprised of five very distinguishable members: Syd (the fearless frontwoman), Matt (the cool keyboardist), Steve (the charismatic guitarist), Patrick (the introspective bassist/rapper) and Christopher (the mysterious drummer). Their next project is titled ‘Hive Mind’ which we can hint that the group’s cohesion is forming a stronger collective understanding and identity after they allowed each other to pursue solo albums prior to their fourth album’s inception. The second single lifted off the new track list is ‘Come Over’, a groovy tune which will have you inevitably dancing and swaying to its rhythm. Syd’s smooth voice sings over a beautiful bassline set by Patrick with Christopher’s drum thumping on time. Matt plays a subtler role guiding the production on his launchpad while Steve is granted with a “piercing” solo vibrating the walls of their garage band setup.

Syd’s lyrics paint a picture of “puppy love” and all its infatuations on show. She wants a certain someone to “come over” and feels confident enough to predict they would be “wasting their time” on not taking her offer up. When Syd’s girl accepts the cool crafted invitation in the form of her verse, she is filled with a variety of emotions: “butterflies”, “blush(ing)”, “smil(ing)” and “ecstasy”. She even mentions her intentions that its perfectly okay for the young pair to hang out and not engage in “sex” despite mentioning she’s “home alone”. In before a thousand references of the *babe come over* memes. Although Syd dominates with the focus on her queer sexuality, the video makes references to Steve’s bisexuality preferences and highlights the type of woman the rest of the boys would/do engage with.  check

The video clip itself ends with the group all-inclusive of each other and their partners showing how united they all are. ‘Come Over’ is truly a gender neutral, genre fusing anthem that predicts big things for The Internet! Hive Mind comes out on 20th of July, 2018 via Columbia Records.