The Japanese House Releases Gorgeous New Video for “Saw You In a Dream”

The Japanese House has just dropped a new video for her latest single, “Saw You In a Dream” and yes, it is as gorgeous as the tune itself.

We follow Amber Bain as she drifts through a series of film sets, riding a tandem bike and playing the guitar, all the while her back up dancers enchant us with their dazzling dance moves. The video is set as a dreamlike sequence, the hazy colours of each film set complimenting the dreamlike state of the track.

Unlike Bain’s previous records, her vocals are strong and clear on this track, rather than drenched in its usual harmonies: “I didn’t want to drown my vocals in too many harmonies this time because the melody is quite strong on its own. Rather than to hide your sadness about your loss of someone, it’s a nice thing to be like ‘I miss them’. That’s why the vocals are quite present.”

Watch the video here…