The key is in the basics

A few days ago, I randomly remembered something I had once read. It was based on trying to find happiness. These days, the idea that “happiness isn’t a destination” and all that jazz is as familiar as Kim Kardishian’s behind. Yet it’s still so up in the air isn’t it? This whole happiness thing that is, not Kim’s rear end.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a few key ideas surrounding this elusive ‘happiness’:

• No one is happy all of the time. You need the ebb and flow of life. Down days make you appreciate the good.
• The more you strive for it, the further away it seems. (I seem most content when I just am, whether that’s with a bra on or not).
• Peace and contentedness seem to stem hugely from gratitude (appreciating what you have).

So if I know all of these things, why aren’t I happy?

Well, I think it’s because all this time I haven’t been focusing on what I actually need. If I was told I had to choose the things that make me, well, me. What would they be? What am I naturally drawn to? What can I always rely on to give me peace?

Once I started thinking about it, my happiest days are those filled with doing the things I need to do. Those that I don’t think twice about. And here is my list.


More specifically, singing. The urge to sing is common throughout my days, even if it be singing along to the radio. There is something in me that just loves copying a melody, or embellishing it with a harmony. It’s almost as if worries dissipate as soon as a tune gets released.


I’ve always been a writer – I find it far easier getting a point across in writing, rather than speech. If I have too many thoughts, I have to write them down. Similarly, to singing, it acts as a release, and definitely helps to keep me sane – albeit it momentarily.


Particularly up hills.

If I am ever in a bad mood, or am having a particularly emotional time, I instantly need to walk it out, and seem to naturally want to find a hill to gain perspective. The mere act of walking from one place to another seems to focus me, and tricks me that I am getting somewhere. I guess it boils down to the fact that action is nearly always more productive than thinking. Plus, once you reach a good view, you realise just how small you are in this massive world, and how many worries are completely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

The funny thing? That is the extent of the list I have come up with. These are the only things I have thought of so far that I actually need (other than water, sleep and all that hugely overrated stuff). Once you sit down and actually think about your own list, it becomes apparent that all too often we are chasing things that take us further away from our true selves. If we simply listen to what we are drawn to, whatever that may be, then I bet it becomes easier to find peace.

Now I know that I need these things and that I don’t feel like me without them, I will try to do them more. It’s like going back to basics. And I’ve got a feeling that may run in parallel with being content, or, forgive me for saying it, finding happiness.