The Kooks – ‘All the Time’ and ‘No Pressure’

British indie darlings The Kooks have returned with not just one, but two singles ahead of their upcoming fifth album ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’. Chatting to Ben and Liam on Triple J, Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard details how the band were eager to “show both sides of the album, you got the strut and then the slow dance.”

‘All the Time’ and ‘No Pressure’, or the strut and slow dance respectively, certainly treats fans to both sides of the Kooks’ sound. The Kooks embrace their woozy guitar rock swagger on ‘All the Time’, with a chorus that will undoubtedly soar through the crowd during their next tour.

On the other hand, ‘No Pressure’ channels what so many people adore about The Kooks, their ability to conjure a low-key albeit charming ballad that suits Pritchard’s description of a “slow dance” in every sense of the word.

Although ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’ will be the Kooks’ first release since ‘Listen’ in 2014, the space in between releases could’ve been significantly shorter if they didn’t scrap an entire album. Described by Pritchard as “cinematic beat-driven music”, the band decided to part ways with an almost complete record in order to stay in line with what they truly love, and inarguably do best, enchanting guitar pop.

Fans will catch the entire album on 31 August, and in the meantime hope for another single to feed their anticipation.