The Last Shadow Puppets Reveal Some Secret Talents in Their New “Miracle Aligner” Video

If you thought that Alex Turner and Miles Kane burying themselves up to their necks in sand was the weirdest idea the duo could come up with, you were wrong. The Last Shadow Puppets’ new Miracle Aligner video is a completely new level of weird. And you’ll love it.


The opening scene with Alex and Miles on a balcony with rose petals flying from the sky is simply beautiful. These talented guys show some previously unknown acting skills with Alex even attempting to master Italian movements and gestures. However, the opening dialogue hasn’t much to do with, ehm, anything what’s coming next. Miles’ first line “What is this?” kind of sums it up.

The first thing that came to my mind when I noticed Alex’s fake tan was:

“And I’m struggling
I can’t see through your fake tan.

– Alex Turner, Still Take You Home, Humbug, 2009

Personally, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the fake tan, but I’m definitely becoming a fan of this video.

And then the song starts. We find ourselves in a ballroom listening to the chorus of Miracle Aligner. The duo is listening as well. I want somebody to look at me with so much love as Miles stares at Alex. Everyone is impatiently waiting on a peck to happen while listening to the song’s beautiful lyrics. 

Miracle Aligner strangely reminds me of Arctic Monkey’s Cornerstone video because of Alex’s signature pointing to things he’s singing about. His theatrical ”I just realised”, ”cover your eyes” can really blow your mind. 

Miles does a pirouette and the best part of the video starts when the duo reveals their other unknown skill – this time for choreography. 

Their harmony and random yet synchronised dance moves are out of this world. It’s obvious that they’re having a great time in the video and you can bet that they look good on the dancefloor (pun intended). Their dance moves are so bad they’re good and you will probably want dance your way to the next scene with them.

It’s always tricky to hide the camera crew and make sure they’re kept out of reflections when filming in a room full of mirrors. Well, The Last Shadow Puppets decided not to care about this issue at all and the cameras and crew were on full view pretty much the whole time. In a strange way, it only helped to create an atmosphere of a home-made video and at some point; one could feel like he/she’s not supposed to watch.

Let’s face the truth. This video may leave you with ”What On Earth Have I Just Watched” feeling but I can assure you that you’ll watch the whole thing – because in this world full of negativity and bad news, everyone deserves to have some fun.

Watch Miracle Aligner below…

Miracle Aligner is the fourth video from The Last Shadow Puppets’ second studio album Everything You’ve Come To Expect. The album was released on April 1st (no jokes) and it went straight to number 1 in the UK Album chart. You can purchase the album on iTunes and you can get a deluxe LP via the band’s online store.

The Last Shadow Puppets are currently on tour and will play the following UK dates very soon:

Newcastle, City Hall (May 30)
Leicester, De Montfort Hall (May 31)
Bristol, Lloyd’s Amphitheatre (June 24)
Manchester, Castlefield Bowl (July 10)
Bridlington, The Spa (July 12)
Bournemouth, BIC (July 13)
London, Alexandra Palace (July 15,16)