The Royal Concept talks new album, new era

Indie rock band, The Royal Concept recently debuted their new EP ‘Smile’ which is filled with catchy lyrics and melodies. Hailing from Stockholm Sweden, the band consists of David Larson (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Filip Bekic (guitar), Robert Magnus (bass), and Frans Povel (drums).

I first discovered The Royal Concept back in 2013 and at the time their debut album ‘Goldrushed’ was just released and I was instantly hooked. This was my go-to album for long Uni train rides in the morning, I would normally start off with ‘Busy Busy’ which is still one of my favourite tracks from the album.

They are now back with a new EP, which features a slightly different sound to their previous releases but the band are ready to move forward into a new era. Get ready Royal Concept fans!

Continuing their tour around the US, the band were kind enough to answer our questions as they travel from LA to San Francisco for their next set of shows. During this Q&A we touched base on their new sound and whether this is something that will be projected onto their follow up album. We were also able to get their opinion surrounding the music streaming controversy, “The only thing that can save music is good songs“.


Outlet: Your new EP ‘Smile’ is out now. It definitely shows how you’ve grown as artists since your debut release. Are you happy with the EP and the reception you’ve been getting from people?

Thank you! Yes we’re very happy. We dig playing the new stuff live and it feels great to move forward. The EP really changed the spectra of what we can do next so from now on it’s just full speed towards anything!

O: One of my favourite tracks would have to be “Just Wanna Be Loved By U”. Was it difficult to write compared to your other songs that are more upbeat? Was the process longer?

No I’d say it was a shorter process than with the other ones. Ballads are really the only songs that come super natural to me and I think we wrote that one in just a couple of hours. I’m glad you like it, it wasn’t even supposed to be on the EP but I’m glad it ended up there.

O: Would you say this EP is a taste of what’s to come from The Royal Concept and also possibly the start of a new era?

New era is on its way baby!

O: How do you decide at the end of the day, which songs make it onto the album and which ones don’t? I mean you probably have a collection of quality songs stacked away somewhere.

We talk it through with all the people that are involved, like record labels and things like that, and maybe consult a couple of friends. But in the end of the day we’re just picking the songs we wanna play live. We’re gonna be stuck playing these songs for a long time so they gotta feel inspiring and fun to play.

O: You’ve recently announced new tour dates. Are you pumped to be back on the road, playing new songs in front the fans?

Actually doing this interview in the tour van going up from LA to San Francisco. It’s definitely good to be back on the road. We’ve been gone for a while now so we definitely don’t know what to expect. But every old and new face that turn up at our show will be a true blessing to us!

O: Do you have any plans on touring Australia, maybe when the second album is out? I feel like we’re the new “come to Brazil” but it’s because we’re just so far away from everyone.

I know, you’re far away but we’d like to go so much. Heard nothing but great things about playing over there! Some places are just very expensive to tour and you gotta reach a certain level of popularity before it makes sense to go. But believe me, we would LOVE to go there and we definitely will in the future. Social media is good in that way. We know we have fans all the way over there so just need to collect them all in one plays and it’ll be a killer show ✌️

O: This has always been quite a hot topic but what’s your stance on the music streaming business? There are high earning artists who are pulling their music from Spotify because they believe in “protecting their art” or is it really just a case of rich artists wanting to be richer?

I honestly never expected to make any money out of music so streaming doesn’t bother me. If people don’t wanna pay for songs they don’t wanna pay for songs. But personally I like to own my records and to support the artist.

That whole Tidal thing was just weird. A bunch of self important rock stars saying, without no fucking hint of irony, that they’re gonna save the music. I was kinda offended by that. The only thing that can save music is good songs. If we should be completely honest with each other singles seem to be the only thing that matters these days. People will rather listen to a playlist of singles than an artists full album and I do think that’s sad. I understand it’s the future but it’s just sad. Albums are great.

Lastly, when can we expect your second album to come out? Do you have a name and track list all sorted?

Working on it now in the tour van. We won’t release it until it’s great but hopefully it’ll be great soon. We’re excited to give you guys more songs.


Quick fire round

On your days off what do you normally do?
Play tennis

First concert you ever went to?
My parents are classical musicians so I saw them playing with the Stockholm symphony orchestra.

Any shows you’ve been binge watching lately?
What is binge watching?

If you’re having a bad day what’s your go-to song?
I’m overall a very melancholic person which means I’m feeling sad most of the time, so I could really need a song like that. If I’m feeling really down I put on Vivaldi and enjoy the pop music of the early 1700 century and have a glass of wine. It usually puts me in a good spot ??

Favourite album released this year?
Tame Impalas album was just fucking amazing. Also Tallest Man On Earth’s new album blew me away.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?
One of the band members is the swedish champion of “round the table ping pong”. You play ping pong and run circles around the table at the same time. Don’t know if it exists in Australia?

Don’t forget you can catch The Royal Concept on tour

Sun, Nov. 01, 2015
Jacksonville, FL – Jack Rabbits

Tues, Nov. 03, 2015
Atlanta, GA – The Vinyl

Sat, Nov. 07, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA – Cattivo

Sun, Nov. 08, 2015
Washington, DC – Black Cat

Mon, Nov. 09, 2015
Boston, MA – Café 939

Tues, Nov. 10, 2015
New York, NY – The Studio @ Webster Hall

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