The Vaccines reveal album artwork for upcoming album “English Graffiti”

With the latest release of “Handsome” a single off their forthcoming third studio album, English band The Vaccines have revealed the album work and given a date for the release. The album “English Graffiti” is expected to be out 22nd May 2015. The band recently share the album artwork via twitter

1. Handsome
2. Dream Lover
3. Minimal Affection
4. 20 / 20
5. (All Afternoon) In Love
6. Denial
7. Want You So Bad
8. Radio Bikini
9. Maybe I Could Hold You
10. Give Me a Sign
11. Undercover
Deluxe Edition
12. English Graffiti
13. Stranger
14. Miracle
15. Handsome Reimagined (Dave Fridmann Remix)
16. Dream Lover Reimagined (Malcolm Zillion Edit)
17. 20/20 Reimagined (Dave Fridmann Edit)
18. Give Me a Sign Reimagined (Co Co T Edit)


Fans can also pre-order the album either on iTunes or at