Thomston announces debut record “Topograph”

It’s been almost over a year since Thomas Stoneman – aka Thomston – graced us with his Backbone EP. Now, the Auckland based songwriter and producer has officially announced the release of his debut record ‘Topograph’ which will be dropping on the 30th of September.

The album will feature his latest single ‘Float’, and ‘Window Seat’ – his recent collaboration with Brisbane-based songwriter and vocalist Wafia.

“I wrote it. I wrote it in the years I travelled the world and learnt vast amounts about people, places and myself,” Thomston explains. ‘Topograph’ was written in five cities on three continents over almost two years. Each track on the record is a map tied to a physical place, hence the title.

“Releasing my first record is scary, especially because some of the material on it is two years old. I wrote it all while I was a teenager, so it has this wide-eyed, youthful innocence to it, but it’s ended up a coherent body of work that I’m proud of, and it sounds like me.”

‘Topograph’ is available for pre-order now