‘Tis the month before Christmas…ugh

December. A time to be merry and bright.
Needless to say, this is not the case for all.

I do not think of myself as a reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge or The Grinch. However, there is just something about Christmas which I just cannot stomach. The mistletoe, the songs and the corny movies which all follow the same story line (except for Love Actually which is pure genius) are just some of the things which had led to my distaste for Christmas.

Do not get me wrong, my family Christmas’ have always encompassed some of my most special memories and are always filled with love, happiness, great conversations and way too much amazing food thanks for my MasterChef aunties. But as I have gotten older, there is something about Christmas that has made me cringe.

This year, however, I am determined to change my ways. No longer shall I dive for the volume button when I hear a Christmas carol. There shall be no more changing the channel when Miracle on 34th Street comes on. I shall not roll my eyes at people wearing Christmas shirts (even if they are the Satan’s gift to fashion).

No, instead this year I am embracing my holiday cheer. And I think anyone out there second-guessing this holiday should do the same.

Christmas is one of the biggest times of years for donations. Charities around the world are inundated with people donating a bit of their time, effort and if possible money for those who do not have it all. These small acts of kindness make the world a little brighter and demonstrate what the act of gift giving can extend to.

So, instead of sitting home and sulking about the loss of the true meaning of Christmas, it is about time that we all go out there and discover what it is. Whether it is going to a Church Service, seeing family that you have not for a while, or heading out and helping those less fortunate, whatever it may be, enjoy this time of year. Because, it is the season to be jolly!