Tove Styrke Drops Her First Song for 2018

Swedish star Tove Styrke has released her first song for 2018 and it’s a bop. Coming hot off the heels of her moody cover of Lorde’s ‘Liability’ at the end of last year, ‘Changed My Mind’ is a catchy electronica-tinged pop song that fits right into the current pop landscape.

‘Changed My Mind’ starts off with a pretty simple beat, building up to a strong layered chorus. It’s got all the hallmarks of those electronic songs that are consistently popping up in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist – bare vocals in the verse sliding into a bright chorus, followed by the ‘dance’ section with some distorted humming. However, just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy a pop song without writing it off as shallow or unoriginal. Tove has a nice voice, and the rhythm of her lyrics is very captivating. The “changed my mind” phrase in the chorus is particularly well delivered, with the beat dropping back and Tove singing at just the right speed to keep the song interesting.

There’s only one main fault in ‘Changed My Mind’, being the noticeably auto-tuned section at the end. It feels very out of place with the rest of the song. I suspect it was added to hit the radio-friendly three-minute mark, but it’s at risk of ruining what is otherwise a pretty good song. I would’ve rather had a longer outro with no vocals than the almost T-Pain-esque auto-tune vocal run Tove offers. In the end, though, it’s not quite enough to taint the song as whole. ‘Changed My Mind’ is a pretty good pop song that I’d expect to do relatively well commercially – just maybe stop listening at the 2min 30sec mark.