An unconventional travel packing list

It’s less than a week out from the adventure of a lifetime and you’re either one of two people when it comes to packing: 1) you’ve packed in advance and have triple checked everything is packed or 2) you’re scrambling to find your passport before you catch your uber to the airport. Despite being over or under prepared, there’s always something you’ll forget when going overseas. Yes, most of these are nice to haves, but it’s called nice to have for a reason!

1. Shoe Cleaner

One thing you’ll be constantly living out of when abroad are your shoes. Travelling isn’t without walking and getting lost in the streets of Hanoi or Los Angeles. Whether you’ve got grandma runners or the latest Yeezys, you need to make sure they look sharp for Snapchat. All you need to do is set aside half an hour from exploring to give them that fresh glow.

Recommendation: Shoe cleaning royalty Jason Mark shoe cleaner is by far the only option. Plus they have a travel pack.

2. Bandana

No, it isn’t 2004 or 2015, but bandanas are one versatile piece of cloth. Not only can you wear it for fashion, it’s also useful as a handkerchief, scarf for religious places, bandage for unexpected injuries, and plenty more!  

Recommendation ASOS has a wide range of cheap and easy bandanas

3. Spare headphones

Long transits and hostel rooms are made easier with headphones containing your travel playlist or podcast. Now imagine hearing airplane engines running or sexual activities in hostel because you left your headphones in an Uber from a Spanish nightclub. If you’re in a metropolitan city like New York or London, it’s easy to pick up a spare pair of headphones. However, if you’re in the Amazonian jungle or Wadi Rum, headphones are hard to come by. Hence, always having a spare set on hand it recommended.

Recommendation You can learn the language, or you can use Google Pixel buds if you’re crushed for time. Other options are a $10 pair from our local variety store.

4. Canvas Tote bag  

Sometimes you need that extra baggage to carry your essential gadgets, clothes (clean or dirty) or spare alcohol. Other times, you want a small subtle bag to carry the essentials so you’re not walking around with your massive tourist day bag. Tote bags don’t take my baggage room but can hold a lot more when you need it most.

Recommendation: Nothing says “don’t talk to me” more than the Emotional Baggage tote bag by Arrival Hall. If you’re more a high end kind gal, we recommend the Balenciaga leather tote.

5. Extra memory storage

We live in 2017 so capturing your travel moments can be done through your smartphone, camera, drone, or your hippocampus. The last thing you want is to run out of memory when capturing a once in a lifetime shot of the sunrise in Angkor Wat or a live action shot on a safari in Zimbabwe. Stock up on memory cards or delete all those brunch photos. Don’t spend your trip searching for the correct memory card or deleting old photos.

Recommendation: A plethora of memory cards are available at your local electronics store. If you’re a smartphone exclusive user, delete the selfies, nudes, and food. If you’re relying on actual memory, maybe lay off the tequila shots. Capture something that’s actually worth sharing.

Now you’ve got all necessary above items packed, you’re ready to show the world (through Instagram or Snapchat) how to travel.