The Vaccines Release Songs from Upcoming 2018 Album + Announce UK Tour

If you haven’t heard of The Vaccines, you have been living under a rock. If you haven’t heard that they announced a forthcoming 2018 album, you have also been living under a rock.

The Vaccines – being one of the biggest names in the modern British indie rock scene, released a very successful debut album in 2011 called ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines’. This became the year’s best selling debut album in England and dramatically pushed their career to further recognition and success. To this date, they’ve released four additional projects that helped them reach the unreal statistic of over 1 million album copies sold worldwide (in total) – and the number is only going to grow.

Their career now leading to the anticipated album called ‘Combat Sports’ which is set to release this year on the 30th of March. It is described to be a collection of “brash, bold, rock and roll songs that mix melancholy and euphoria” – supposedly “returning to their roots”. Here is the official tracklist:

Song List “Combat Sport” :

1. Put It On A T-Shirt
2. I Can not Quit
3. Your Love Is My Favorite Band
4. Surfing in the Sky
5. Maybe (Luck of the Draw)
6. Young American
7. Nightclub
8. Out On The Street
9. Take It Easy
10. Someone To Lose
11. Rolling Stones

Two singles from this album have already been released to the ears of satisfied fans – ‘Nightclub’ and ‘I Can not Quit’. Give them a listen below:

On top of all this exciting news, The Vaccines have also announced a full 9-stop UK tour for April 2018. For tour dates, tickets and all information head to

Catch them (if you can) playing at your city!