We Talk To Swedish Band, Everywhere

Swedish alternative rock band, Everywhere, have just released the first single, Shades At Night, off their upcoming, sophomore EP. The band formed back in 2012 when vocalist, Max Berga, sent out his bedroom recordings to producers around the world and got a response from no other than Mark Needham, (who has worked with The Killers and The 1975) who asked the band to fly to Los Angeles to record some tracks. Unfortunately, Berga had no musicians so he had to place an advertisement on Bandfinder to find some adventurous musicians to fly to LA and record some music. Eventually he found some daring boys and that’s where the magic happened and Everywhere was born. The band is made up of vocalist and guitarist, Max Berga, keyboardist, Filip Servinson, guitarist Marcel Karlsson, drummer, Walle Wahlgren and bassist, Mikael Ingegaard.

Their debut single Eddie was released back in 2013, which gained them notable success in the United Kingdom, with performances at the NME after party, sharing the stage with Django Django, supporting the Kaiser Cheifs and receiving millions of streams across a number of electronic streaming services. Following the success of their debut EP American Grandeur, the boys are back with their track Shades At Night. The track is an epic indie-rock anthem with driving drums, scuzzy guitars and a twinkling tambourine among synth pop lines. The track draws inspiration from original 1980s synth-pop which builds into a mammoth of a chorus with Max Berga belting out the tormented, emotive vocals. The track was recorded in EastWest Studios in LA with the help of producer Mark Needham. We talked to the band about Shades At Night, their upcoming EP, the Swedish music scene and their dream collaboration.


Outlet Mag: Firstly, in your own words, what is your latest single Shades At Night about?

Everywhere: Shades at night is a “heart break blueprint” about a troubled relationship with an ex-lover who had brick walls built around her heart. It’s essentially about commitment issues wrapped up in the darkness that appears in front of your eyes when you wear sunglasses in the nighttime.

O: Where do you find your inspiration for writing songs?

E: The bulk of each track is written by our front man Max, he has adopted a very pragmatic approach to writing tunes. When something bad happens to him, he takes out his little black book and makes a note of it. He bottles up his inspiration and puts it in what he refers to as his “heart break” archive. As you might guess, about 99.9 percent of our tracks are about evil doing ex-lovers!

O: What was it like working with Mark Needham and recording in Los Angeles?

E: Mark Needham was the most professional person we’ve ever encountered. The sessions went smoothly and painlessly, as if the whole concept of recording had taken a bath in a big tub filled with lube! He took a hands off approach, but never hesitated to speak his mind when he felt that something was going in the wrong direction. LA has a great vibe, and we have had our fair share of fun on our trips there, but if we just went there to goof around, it would be a whole different ballgame. Having a purpose certainly helps when the morning temperature hits 35 degrees Celsius and the hangover knocks on the door!

O: You have a very unique story of how the band formed, was it hard packing up your stuff and just jetting off to Los Angeles?

E: The hard part was the extreme amount of work we had to pull off in a very short period of time in terms of getting tight and sorting out the tracks before taking the trip. Due to the fact that the band came together with such little time to rehearse we really had to get our heads and hearts in gear. Going there and doing the actual work was just pure pleasure!

O: Was it difficult when you first started to play together as a band? Were there any differences on the sound of the band?

E: We all have very different musical backgrounds, Philip (who plays keys) is a Jazz guy and our guitarist (Marcel) has no schooling at all, and has mostly been listening to psychedelic stuff such as Todd Rundgren. Max’s Machiavellian leadership style has caused hours of endless arguments over the years for sure. But despite our different musical tastes, we are always amazed at how many clichés we stumble on when we just go with the flow and don’t push ourselves. The development of our sound has always been – and still is – a very decision driven process. We have never been the flower power jam band united by higher cosmic powers and heavy substances.


O: Is there any major differences between the Swedish music scene in comparison to the US or the UK?

E: Most of the major Swedish exports never really hit it off in the Swedish music climate until they became famous abroad. There are two routes to take in order to get some serious media attention in Sweden. Either you have to be a female urban artist with a political profile or you have to take the “Idol” TV-show route with a super commercial pop sound and aim for a spot in Eurovision. The US and UK scene is much more diverse with room for many different styles and set ups. As an independent you have loads of opportunities that just don’t exist in Sweden. We reached out abroad early on because that’s where people returned our emails and offered us ways to move forward.

O: How do you create a memorable live show?

E: First off you need a well-rehearsed set and a proper sound check. The next step is to pray to higher powers that the magic will be there after the first count off. Whenever possible, we use fashion photo shoot lights to make us look crisp and we never go easy on the smoke machine!

O: How would you describe your music if you couldn’t use a genre?

E: We would describe it as sunny day at the beach, with an icebox full of Ben and Jerry’s, a case of Corona beer and the entire cast from Baywatch performing an acapella version of Journey’s Don’t stop believing.

O: Who would be your dream collaboration? What about your dream band you’d love to support?

E: Collaborating with Shellback would be a spectacular experience and a big dream. A lot of people have compared our sound to our fellow Swedes Royal Concept. Hitting the road with them would probably be a blast.

O: Have you had any rock and roll moments?

E: We have rock and roll moments every day, big and small. All the tweets and messages filled with praise we are getting from people since we pushed out Shades At Night have been overwhelming. Some tell us that we are making their lives worth living, it’s a truly mind blowing experience.

O: What did you boys get up to during your break between your debut EP and your sophomore release?

E: We have been focusing on developing our sound, both on and off stage. This is a process that goes on 7 days a week 365 days a year, no vacations, no weekends. We have also spent a healthy portion of time in the studio, working on the upcoming EP.

O: What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

E: We hope and believe that we have done a proper job so you should be able to expect a smashing set of tracks with huge choruses and poignant lyrics about evil doing ex-lovers!

You can download Everywhere’s ‘Shades At Night’ on Soundcloud


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