Weather proof your skin

Summer tans are starting to fade and lets face it the dry skin, chapped lips look is one very few can pull off, so here’s a few simple skin and beauty tips to Autumn-proof your skin.
Set one is as simple as peas: Invest in a good moisturizer. Unfortunately no amount of makeup can hide bad skin so as well as making sure you drink lots of water, introducing a good skincare regime to keep your skin looking bright and hydrated.
Make-up wise, this Autumn’s beauty trends includes “barely” there tones and make-unders for maximum impact. Here’s how to achieve the look in a few simple steps:
Prime, prime and prime.
Primer is great for not only making your foundation last a little longer, but for also adding a little extra radiance to your skin. There’s a lot out there on the market but opting for one that has a slight tint or sheen to it will give your skin a boost before applying the rest. Also apply to the neck to ensure your foundation blends smoothly.

Bold brows
Adding an extra bit of definition to your brows is a great way to achieve the no make-up, make-up look. Ensure the shade is as close to your natural eyebrow and hair shade as possible and use a pencil to fill in any sparse areas. After, apply some highlighter or light matte eye-shadow to the brow bone to highlight and contour the face. If you’re 8 hours sleep were cut short, applying the light eye shadow is also a great way to brighten your eyes and make you look more awake.

Illuminating sticks are a great way to add a healthy looking glow to your skin and can be applied in multiple areas however you should try and avoid adding the highlighter to any areas near blemishes. Usually the top of the cheekbones, top of the lip and corners of your eyes are the best spots for lifting your skin.

Lip-balm > Lipstick
Forget the bright and the bold, using a good’old fashioned lip-balm will not only protect your lips from those sneaky Autumn rays, it will keep them looking moisturized and hydrated. Add a little colour with a tinted balm but to keep to achieve the natural look ensure you stay within one shade of your natural lip colour.