The Weeknd & Daft Punk’s ‘Star Boy’

New album + New hair = One bangin' collab

If you’re following The Weeknd on Instagram, you may have noticed a few cryptic moves on his account last week that teased some exciting changes. Ok, well maybe not that ‘cryptic’ seeing as though these moves did consist of changing his username and wiping his ENTIRE account clean. But along with these strange hints and the one million swarming rumors online, it was pronounced by fans that The Weeknd most definitely had a new musical era in store. And surprise, surprise, the following day the ushering of this new era was proven true with the announcement of a new album, a new hairdo (yes, he trimmed his trademark locks!!!) and the release of a Daft Punk induced single titled ‘Starboy’.

As anticipated, the release of ‘Starboy’ not only caused hype from The Weeknd fans, but cued OMG’s and heart-aching gasps from Daft Punk lovers after three years of radio silence. As per any Daft Punk track, the beat is effortless and frenetic and when paired with Abel’s crisp and soul-dripping voice the track is as lit as the star boy himself.

Unlike Abel’s previous work, the track’s sound is a tad more toned down with light piano phrases and atmospheric synths, a courtesy to Daft Punk’s funky production skills. Their signature robots even make an appearance in the tracks backing vocals as The Weeknd sings “I’m a muhfuckin’ starboy” – their electronic duo’s weird glossy future shining right through.

The Weeknd and Daft Punk’s ‘Starboy’ is an innovative, arty club track that unites the two artists capabilities together to fuse a powerful collaboration. As always, Abel’s sound is suave as hell and when combined with Daft Punk’s synthy galactic vibrations the track is sure to cement itself firmly in the mainstream charts for quite some time.

The Weeknd’s third LP, Starboy drops on November 26. In the meantime, listen to the head-bopping collab below!