What a surprise, Hatchie’s ‘Adored’ is amazing

Listen, we’ll stop the praise when she stops releasing gorgeously euphoric tracks that capture the essence of young love in a way very few musicians can

Off the back of her acclaimed debut EP and sold-out Australian tour, Brisbane-born singer/songwriter Hatchie is back with an unsurprisingly blissful new single: ‘Adored’, which was released as part of Adult Swim’s eight annual Singles Program.

The singer had this to say about the new single: “‘Adored’ is a song that’s been floating around for a few years now so I’m really excited it’s finally found its place with this release. I’ve been playing it live since my first show but didn’t feel it fit on either my EP or album. It’s about always wanting more than what you have, even if it’s perfect.”

The track has pretty much everything we’ve come to expect from and love about Hatchie’s music: the washed out walls of ethereal guitar chords, the earworm of a synth melody that locks in gorgeously with the rest of the instrumentation, a dazzling vocal performance and some incredibly endearing lyrics.

Though its composition is fantastic enough, the song is given an extra boost in quality by its production. There’s been a subtle yet definite increase of grandeur in the presentation of Hatchie’s music since the EP, with the double-octave vocals adding to the dreamy soundscape the instrumentation creates, rather than floating above it.

A live video of Hatchie and her band performing the track in Seattle back in September has also been released. The clip has a hugely retro aesthetic to compliment the track’s vintage shoegazey sound.

Hatchie’s having another absolute cracker of a year, having released her debut EP, Sugar & Spice, in May and recieving high praise from the likes of Pitchfork, VICE and The Guardian UK. She’s also performed to sold-out venues across the UK and Europe, and just recently sold out her debut gig in LA. With stellar tracks like ‘Adored’, it’s hard to ignore the hype.

Watch the video below…


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